Using CrushClient you can manage your files, upload and download files to your device from a CrushFTP server.

File transfer and file management with CrushFTP servers.
Use application to get the most out of your CrushFTP server directly from your iPhone/iPad.

Once connected to a CrushFTP server, you can manage files, upload files from other apps or download files from the server to your phone for offline access. You can preview MP4, MP3, Images, PDF and other files directly from the server. You can share files from the server to other applications in your phone.

: CrushClient features :

  • Listing of files
  • Upload, Download, Rename, Delete, Create Folders.
  • Download entire folders in a single action.
  • Share files from other apps using "Open In CrushClient".
  • Operations panel shows upload/download operations and their status.
  • Offline files can be accessed and managed even if not connected to the server.


Setup Server URL
Setup app to use your CrushFTP Server

Use this screen to set application to use your CrushFTP Server.

Login screen

Now you can use your username/password to log in to the app

Login Screen
File Listing
File Listing

This screen will list all files for the logged in user. You can manage files (rename, copy, move, delete, create folder, etc.). Download files to device and upload from device. Other apps can share files to CrushClient which will be available in offline storage and can be uploaded to the server.


All upload/download, copy/move/paste operations between server and offline storage will be shown with interactive progress bar in operations panel. Operations panel can be hidden at any time and other activity will be continued. You will be notified when any running operation is completed or ends up in an error.

Offline Items
Offline Items

This screen will display all offline items, items downloaded from the server or shared by other applications will be stored in offline items. You can select one or multiple items and upload them to the server. You can manage offline items as well using this screen.