Version 11.1.0_5

CrushFTP 11.0.1 been released!

Various major improvements all around.

New since CrushFTP 11.0.1_0 release:
The entire end user view of the WebInterface has been rewritten from scratch. This was a major undertaking and one of the main reasons for the wait. It was a massive undertaking to rewrite all that code and UI design that had grown for 14+ years. The key item we did here is we removed jQuery from end user usage 100%. So now everything is our own code and CSS. The UI is *much* faster, and can handle *much* larger directory listings etc. We have full control over everything now as well.

PGP Key Management
PGP keys no longer need to be managed in individual key files, but can be imported into the global keystore / keyring and referenced by name. This allows for automatic retry of keys when you have to change a key due to expiration that the old key remains useful for decryption, while the new key takes over for newly encrypted files.

In-Place Updates
CrushFTP can now update without restarting the Java VM. This makes for faster updates, no need to re-cache jobs, or memcache, or quotas. Users in most cases will remain connected, transfers uninterrupted, etc. In most scenarios it will be completely transparent to anyone on the server.

Memory Usage Improvements
CrushFTP is now vastly more memory efficient in the job's engine. In most cases when you have large Find results it will be 4x more efficient....this makes it faster as well!

_11:jar file cleanup files
_12:updated javamail to latest, streamlined how SAML plugin operates to not need custom JVM flags
_13:updated all BouncyCastle jar files
_14:updated jQuery 1.12.1 to 1.13.2
_15:cleaned up old BouncyCastle jar files left over.
_17:cleanup of old beta code
_18:added some conditional Job logic capabilities
_19:re-written ServerBeat logic to handle more complex scenarios, as many priorities as needed, and as many servers as needed.
_20:updated BouncyCastle jars and SFTP libraries
_22:removed offending "bcprov-ext-jdk18on-1.78.jar" for being unsigned and causing all encryption activities to fail (Let'sEncrypt, SFTP, PGP, AS2, etc)
_23:improved Replication to avoid blocks when a server is offline
_25:the temporary acceptance of v10 codes in Crush v11 is no longer allowed, you must have an upgraded v11 code, not v10 code.
_26:architectural changes for the Replication with multiple servers and performance improvements for Jobs engine to server communication
_0:VULNERABILITY PATCH FOR AUTHENTICATED SESSIONS. DMZ users unaffected for now, but still should update immediately!
_1:fixed bug with admin actions being blocked
_2:fix bug with saving some jobs
_3:improved update status messages
_4:fixed Radius plugin so it works again
_5:many UI fixes for WebInterface shares and other minor UI tweaks.

_1:fixed recursive deletes on certain SMB3 servers
_2:fixed issues with WebSocket based transfers
_3:better logged in active session preservations across updates
_4:fixes for WebSocket based multiplexed downloads
_5:many fixes for WebSocket based transfers, and for Jobs engine running on Windows
_6:fix for pgp passwords stored in an old format
_7:fixes for WebSocket advanced upload/download and multi-threaded s3 downloads
_8:updated SFTP libraries to fix some StrictKex compatibility issues
_9:fixed problem where JOB_BROKER was stealing the update process...prior to _9 you may need to do a full restart
_10:fixed I forgot my Password link not working. There have also been fixes related to the ad-hoc sharing panel.
_13:fixed stop/pause/resume button not working on jobs
_16:fixed bug with email based PGP keys that were imported and had invalid names
_18:fixed proxy_protocol_ftp_pasv code that was not ported forward from v10
_21:changed how BouncyCastle is globally loaded
_24:fixed jobs to preserve sftp private key between find/copy steps
_27:fixes bug where user variables were not present in events they triggered
_28:fixes for jobs not running
_29:fixed some memory leaks related to replication and jobs engine
_30:fixed the restore user menu in the UserManager for difference User Connection Groups scenarios