Version 9.1.0

What's New?

CrushFTP 9.1.0 has been released!

Overall 9.1.0 has bug fixes and updated jQuery javascript libraries to meet security and compliance standards.

_2:added flag for "send_report_link" if you want to email link to a report instead of attaching to email
_2:added ability for search indexing to process external URLs
_5:added controls for turning on and off replicating Preferences instead of defaulting to always on
_5:allow editing of replication config without needing to restart the server process
_6:supports more than one other server for settings replication
_7:supports targeted save / replciction for User Manager, Jobs, and Preferences
_8:supports OpenJDK install locations and oracle install locations on Windows now
_9:added google authenticator TOTP based validation
_10:added flag to bypass JCE SSH DH calculations
_16:updated by and created by enforced in user manager saves, as well as hiding hashed password values
_18:added support for unlocked_proxy_homedir in user.XML to allow backend proxied VFS for FTP/SFTP to be unlocked
_19:GlacierClient improvements
_20:added support for timeouts on SMB3 connections
_21:additional logging for upload files that are aborted
_22:added support for SMB3 connections routing through DMZ
_24:added support for job folder management, making folders, renaming, deleting, etc.
_27:updated threading model for entire server to be enabled by default
_35:block FTP session re-use
_35:Updated jQuery libraries to latest versions to meet requirements by companies that only check library version numbers

_1:fix for dmz install on windows
_3:fixes for limited admin Job editing UI
_4:fixed DMZ login issues with internal server
_4:fixed DMZ logging being sent to internal server
_4:fix for partial content downloads of byte ranges (safari MP4 playback)
_11:fixed issue with ServerBeat port not being stopped when DMZ stopped all ports
_12:fix for broken Jobs and CrushTask due to jar signing
_13:fix for tasks adding statistics to DB when job statistics are disabled
_14:fix for Preview generation and OpenJDK11
_15:improvements to AWS Glacier handling
_17:fix for sftp server port not restarting when making configuration change.
_23:fix for SMB3 always failing
_24:fix for DMZ restart after update
_25:changed default JCE for SFTP
_26:changed SFTP client outbound connections to use RSA by default.
_28:fix for limited admin log viewing
_29:fix for SFTP config not propagating from Find to Copy/Move tasks
_30:DFS fixes for SMB3 and zipstream on DMZ fix for archive with tiny files and slow internal filesystem
_31:fix for MDTM at user level control or global
_32:fix for using jobs in folders for events
_33:fix for locked attribute cascading down in inheritance for delete actions
_34:fix for Email task items not running and delete share replication
_35:Fix webdav with server's requiring XML content-type

CrushFTP 9.0.0

*CrushBalance* load balancer, offload SSL, GEO IP routing, other rules for routing. http redirect to another location based on source IP or domain used, banning IPs
New VFS type of Citrix Citrix file share integration
Internal to DMZ communication is faster
Reports with embedded JS and images and data in single mailable HTML file instead of only links back to main server
Allow sftp port configuration changes without disconnecting users.
Uses less threads overall with worker threads to manage other actions. Less CPU usage, more efficient when handling many connections at a time. Idle threads, bandwidth threads, etc.
Admin dashboard show the graph of CPU usage of CrushFTP and OS CPU usage for Linux/OSX users.
Allow viewing the dashboard back in time so you can review how the server was performing in past days.
TempAccount replication for servers configured in HA mode
LimitedAdmin to be able to manage multiple groups of users....comma separated.
Mini text editor for quick changes via the WebInterface.
Share reminder emails before a share expires.
User reminder emails before password expires or account expires.
LetsEncrypt integration: LetsEncrypt plugin
Simpler SSL guide to help people get the right steps for SSL renewal or export.
Support XSHA256 command for FTP checksumming.
Updated SFTP libraries supporting newer ciphers and key exchanges
Proxy protocol v2 used by AWS load balancers.
Allow limited admin type control over jobs...allowing a user to build scheduled jobs, safely. Allowing users to manage jobs assigned to them, running, editing even, all with restrictions on what actions they can take.
Job audit log to audit what has changed in a job over time.
Allow Global variable type in tasks that can survive restarts. prefix a variable with "PERSIST_" to make it permanent.
Allow a job to use a common shared log file.
UI improvements to job organization for storing jobs in folders, grouping together.
UI addition of notes to document things about configurations on job design
Improved threading system for job flows
Allow triggering another job to run...not linking it into the job.