Version 9.0.0

What's New?

CrushFTP 9.0.0 has been released!

Overall 9.0.0 has...CrushFTP v9

*CrushBalance* load balancer, offload SSL, GEO IP routing, other rules for routing. http redirect to another location based on source IP or domain used, banning IPs
New VFS type of Citrix Citrix file share integration
Internal to DMZ communication is faster
Reports with embedded JS and images and data in single mailable HTML file instead of only links back to main server
Allow sftp port configuration changes without disconnecting users.
Uses less threads overall with worker threads to manage other actions. Less CPU usage, more efficient when handling many connections at a time. Idle threads, bandwidth threads, etc.
Admin dashboard show the graph of CPU usage of CrushFTP and OS CPU usage for Linux/OSX users.
Allow viewing the dashboard back in time so you can review how the server was performing in past days.
TempAccount replication for servers configured in HA mode
LimitedAdmin to be able to manage multiple groups of users....comma separated.
Mini text editor for quick changes via the WebInterface.
Share reminder emails before a share expires.
User reminder emails before password expires or account expires.
LetsEncrypt integration: LetsEncrypt plugin
Simpler SSL guide to help people get the right steps for SSL renewal or export.
Support XSHA256 command for FTP checksumming.
Updated SFTP libraries supporting newer ciphers and key exchanges
Proxy protocol v2 used by AWS load balancers.
Allow limited admin type control over jobs...allowing a user to build scheduled jobs, safely. Allowing users to manage jobs assigned to them, running, editing even, all with restrictions on what actions they can take.
Job audit log to audit what has changed in a job over time.
Allow Global variable type in tasks that can survive restarts. prefix a variable with "PERSIST_" to make it permanent.
Allow a job to use a common shared log file.
UI improvements to job organization for storing jobs in folders, grouping together.
UI addition of notes to document things about configurations on job design
Improved threading system for job flows
Allow triggering another job to run...not linking it into the job.