One of the more powerful areas of CrushFTP is the WebInterface. It allows for simple file transfers for users with only the use of a web browser. All major browsers are supported. You can customize the colors, logos, styles, and with your own custom javascript, you can change virtually any other aspect too.

It also allows for customized messages and forms to be displayed to the user so that you can request additional details on their first login, or with every file that they upload. The user can be allowed to rename, delete, upload, download, view thumbnails and slideshows, view movies, share files with temporary links, and search the files they have access to. No limits on the file sizes, and the "advanced" mode allows for resuming transfers in the event of a network interruption. The advanced mode also allows for compression during the transfer, and bandwidth acceleration over slow high latency connections.

CrushSync (Enterprise only.)

This provides real time file synchronizations through CrushFTP. The client runs on the local machine monitoring the specified folders. When a change is detected, the change is propagated to the CrushFTP server, and any other clients subscribed to that folder now get those same changes. Only the changed parts of large files are sent, compression is used to save on bandwidth, and bandwidth acceleration can be used as well. Client configurations can be pre-configured for deployment, and an advanced mode allows clients to encrypt the data at the client side so that the server can never access the raw data. Only clients that have the private key can. This allows for robust one way synchronizations where a client places a file in the folder, and its sent to the server encrypted, and downloaded and decrypted by other privileged clients. The client is launched as an automatically updating application over a web connection. You as the server administrator control when you want to update the application for end users.

AD-HOC File Sharing

The sharing feature in CrushFTP allows end users to create temporary access to a file or folder that they control. They can automatically email a third party the temporary access that will self expire after a set amount of time. It allows an end user to manage this entirely leaving the adminsitrator out of the process, but still allowing the administrator the controls on what the end user can share, for how long, and any other requirements.

Log Viewer

The log viewer handles realtime display of logging data from your browser. Any file size is OK. It allows you to seek through the file if you have a large log file. It handles filtering based on inclusion and exclusion, and highliting of keywords as well. It can process other server log files as well so you can monitor any text based log file from a web browser. Its an advanced tool, and its utilized anywhere you need to view a log.

Events (all)& Job Scheduling (Enterprise only.)

You can easily configure events for different user actions. You can send out emails for uploads, renames, deletes, downloads, or execute the CrushTask plugin. Allows for post processing on uploads and other areas. Take files and move them to a new location, rename them, copy them, delete them, sftp them to another server, generate an XML file with their info, execute a third party program with the files, pull attachments out of emails from an imap server, zip/unzip them, pgp encrypt/decrypt them, and more! All of the task items can be linked together into chains of actions. Enterprise users can schedule jobs to run on their own to perform cleanup tasks, or file polling operations.

Advanced File Transfer

The WebInterface can be assisted by a Java applet to greatly accelerate file transfer in some scenarios. When uploading a folder containing many small items, normal file transfer clients are inefficient and slow. The advanced mode can speed up this process drastically, often by a 100x speed increase. Additionally when file transfer speeds are being slowed because of network latency between the client and the server, the CrushTunnel feature (enterprise only) will work with the advanced mode to distribute the transfer across many channels simultaneously. This will speed up the transfer to the maximum your ISP allows regardless of the latency.

Powerful Plugins Expand Functionality

The plugin support for CrushFTP allows for a whole new set of expandable features. One example allows you to make users by "creating a folder". That's all. You create a folder with a specific name, and a user with that name can then login with access to only that folder! You can't get any easier than that. Right now all plugins to CrushFTP are free. Here are just a few of the plugins :

  • MagicDirectory - (make a directory, and a user can login)
  • HomeDirectory - (make a user, and their home folder and permissions are created automatically)
  • CrushLDAPGroup - (use ActiveDirectory, or LDAP to validate user authentication)

Advanced User Management and GROUPS

The User Manager allows for advanced inheritance rules applying layers of permissions to build the user who is logging in. You can merge multiple file systems together between users with VFS linking. You can configure a setting on one users that get inherited by many other users, and you can organize your users into groups of users.