What's New in V10?

Please bear with us as we work to update screenshots, videos and other minor documentation.

CrushFTP 10.3.0 (Released on June 8th 2022) : Change Log

CrushFTP v9 support ended in October 2022. CrushFTP v10 is the only version of CrushFTP we provide support for now.

Upgrading from v7, v8 or v9 to v10? Read this short upgrade guide.

macOS / Windows / Linux package

(~ 496 MB) (With Java17 included for macOS/Windows.)

(~ 140 MB) (Without Java17.)

Linux Simple Install

One script, auto install including Java download. Linux Install Notes

CrushClient Download: CrushClient_windows.exe or CrushClient_macOS.zip


Unzip the archive, and move the folder to the location of your choice on your startup drive. Then double click on the application